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4-19-02 Public Hearing on Permit to mine watershed of Dysart Woods May 15:  Please speak up now, everyone is welcome

The Ohio Division of Mineral Resources scheduled a meeting May 15 at 2 p.m. at the Belmont Technical College Red Room for Ohio Valley Coal Company’s Permit D-0360-13 (-13 for short) which would undermine the watershed just upstream of Dysart Woods.  Call (740) 594-7287 or email for carpools from Athens or Columbus (call both if you have space or need a ride).

Dysart Woods is among the most endangered ecosystem in the world according to a U.S. Department of Interior report. Click here for a map of the proposed mining permit, and the already approved and appealed -9 permit.

4-10-02 Hearing April 16 on Dysart Defenders appeal, new permit filed by OVCC
12-19-02 Dysart Defenders appeals -9 permit to undermine ancient forest
12-14-01 ODMR approves mining permit area under Dysart Woods!
4-28-01 Dysart Defenders appeals Ohio Reclamation Commission Exemption Decision
3-27-01 Ohio Reclamation Commission affirms ODMR decision to exempt OVCC from the Lands Unsuitable Petition: Dysart Defenders plans to appeal to the Franklin County Court of Appeals
3-17-01 Ohio Reclamation Commission denies OVCC request to dismiss LUP exemption appeal
9-03-00 Second ODMR report reveals further violations by OVCC
8-23-00 ODMR Report reveals OVCC violates buffer zone, yet is not fined
7-07-00 Dysart Defenders appeals OVCC Valley Fill Permit
6-16-00 OEPA press release about 3 OVCC punishment, valley fill permits
2-24-00 More than a dozen comments opposed OVCCs 3 valley fill permits
2-13-00 Harvey Wasserman's letter to the Ohio EPA
2-12-00 Comment deadline extended to Feb. 18 for OVCC valley fill
2-12-00 Email from DNR about endangered species, EPA impact report
2-11-00 Ohio EPA internal email shows "obvious problems" with OVCC study
12-28-99 Main LUP hearing delayed; Feb. 2 and Feb. 8 Dysart hearings

By Issue

Lands Unsuitable Petition March for the Ancients 1998 and 1999 March for the Ancients 2001 over Spring Break
Ohio University and Dysart Woods OVCC Permit 9 OVCC Valley Fill
The Struggle to Save Dysart Woods, part 1

The legal defense of Dysart Woods, part 1
11-12-99 Athens News article about Nov. 9 rally
12-16-99 Ohio EPA responds to questions about OVCC dump with lies
11-15-99 Ohio EPA requests citizen comment on OVCC dump
11-12-99 Tuesday's rally a great success with 100+ people
10-23-99 OhioEPA agrees to second Dysart public hearing
10-14-99 Rally to Save Dysart Woods Nov. 9 at noon in Athens
10-6-99 Ohio Valley Coal Co. puts permit 9 on hold
9-23-99 Dysart Defenders granted standing to appeal
9-02-99 Transcript of May EPA hearing about OVCC valley fill
8-14-99 Map of old growth forest to south boundary of Dysart Woods
8-07-99 Walk to Save Dysart Woods 1999 report
7-31-99 Petitions to be submitted Monday to stop permit 9
7-14-99 ODMR admits perimt 9 is under Old Growth Forest
6-23-99 March for the Ancients Press Release
6-22-99 March for the Ancients 1999 Kister speech
5-23-99 ODMR issues violation to OVCC
5-05-99 Ohio EPA sends violation notice to OVCC
3-31-99 Reclamation Commission dismisses OVCC motion
3-19-99 Dysart Woods update
2-17-99 Attorney General Feb. 16 Response to OVCC's motion
2-17-99 Dysart Defenders response to OVCC's motion
2-17-99 Dysart Defenders motion to intervene into OVCC's appeal
2-07-99 Attorney General says Dysart LUP allows longwall mining
2-06-99 March for the Ancients 1999 from Dysart to Columbus
2-05-99 Ohio Valley Coal Co. files motion to dismiss appeals
1-25-99 OU POST editorial calls for protecting Dysart
1-25-99 OU POST article about Dysart Defenders appeal
1-14-99 OU reneges on promise to protect Dysart Woods
1-12-99 Email OU President Glidden to Save Dysart Woods
1-11-99 OU requests graduate student to violate the law
1-06-99 Ohio Valley Coal Co. applied to mine under Dysart!
1-04-99 Petition to Reclamation Commission for full buffer zone
12-30-98 Press Release for Dysart Defenders 12-30-98 appeal
12-30-98 Dysart Defenders appeal of ODMR LUP decision
12-14-98 Full transcript of Oct. 9 ODMR Dysart Woods hearing
12-14-98 Photo of Bob Murray, President of Ohio Valley Coal Co.
12-13-98 ODMR photos of room and pillar mining destrucion
12-12-98 1988 ODMR watershed buffer zone map for all mining
12-12-98 ODMR 11-30-98 surface mining buffer map
12-12-98 ODMR 11-30-98 limited underground mining buffer map
12-11-98 OU Police make first Dysart arrest in 40-year struggle
12-11-98 Dysart Defender acts at OU Trustee meeting Dec. 11
12-02-98 Dysart Defenders statement about ODMR decision
11-30-98 ODMR cuts Dysart buffer 7 times, allows mining under Dysart!
11-30-98 The 17-page ODMR decision document
11-27-98 Dysart Defenders warns of impending Dysart Decision
11-19-98 More than 75 rally for Dysart: POST story by Renee Knight
11-12-98 OU Student Senate endorses Nov. 16 rally for Dysart Woods
10-28-98 ODMR said Dysart watershed must be protected in 1988
10-28-98 Funds needed to continue Dysart Woods campaign
10-11-98 Chad Kister's speech to the ODMR Oct. 9 hearing
5-22-98 March for the ancient nears
5-19-98 OU Ecology Commmittee to meet about Dysart Woods
5-18-98 ODNR says it will ignore Dysart Woods buffer zone
5-2-98 March for the Ancients: Walk to Save Dysart Woods
04-17-98 Statement to the Board of Trustees
4-15-98 Students to protest OU's massive compromise of Dysart Woods
4-14-98 Ohio University cuts Dysart Woods buffer zone 9-12 times
1-30-98 Student Senate asks OU for Dysart hearing
1-29-98 Student Senate to ask for OU Dysart hearing
1-22-98 OU President Glidden to be questioned about Dysart
1-4-98 ODNR sends permit 7 back for 393 revisions
12-10-97 Activists to speak at OU Trustee meeting Friday
12-4-97 Letter to Bill Sterling
12-3-97 Letter to John Burns
12-1-97 Activist to deliver hundreds of letters to Governor
11-16-97 ODNR Dysart report based on false evidence
11-6-97 More than 250 brave citizens freezing in the rain for Dysart
11-6-97 Citizens from around Ohio to Rally Saturday for Dysart
10-31-97 Student leader presents motions, letters to ODNR
10-30-97 Student Senate calls for OU opposition to permit 7
10-29-97 Letter to Lisa Morris, Division of Mines and Reclamations
10-26-97 Graduate Senate opposes mining near Dysart
10-26-97 Graduate Senate opposes mining near Dysart
10-25-97 Coal Company threatens to sue Dysart activist
10-24-97 Graduate Senate to hear Dysart motion Sunday
10-19-97 Faculty Senate passes motion for Dysart Woods
10-13-97 Citizens to demonstrate this morning
10-12-97 Letter to the editor
10-11-97 Movement to save Dysart Woods escalates
9-29-97 Ohio Government sells out ancient forest
9-29-97 Ohio Government sells out ancient forest
9-29-97 Citizens mobilize to save Dysart Woods
9-24-97 Student Senate to hear motion for Dysart Wood's protection
8-5-97 Ohio University speaks against mine threatening ancient forest
7-29-97 Hearing scheduled August 4 for Dysart Woods fate

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