Lands Unsuitable Petition

Government Lands Unsuitable Petition Documents
The 17-page ODMR decision document Full transcript of Oct. 9 LUP hearing
Dysart Defenders appeal of ODMR LUP decision

The Lands Unsuitable Petition Saga
04-15-98 Students to protest OU's massive compromise of Dysart Woods
04-14-98 Ohio University cuts Dysart Woods buffer zone 9-12 times
10-11-98 Chad Kister's speech to the ODMR Oct. 9 hearing
10-28-98 Funds needed to continue Dysart Woods campaign
10-28-98 ODMR said Dysart watershed must be protected in 1988
11-27-98 Dysart Defenders warns of impending Dysart Decision
11-30-98 The 17-page ODMR decision document
11-30-98 ODMR cuts Dysart buffer 7 times, allows mining under Dysart!
12-02-98 Dysart Defenders statement about ODMR decision
12-12-98 ODMR 11-30-98 limited underground mining buffer map
12-12-98 ODMR 11-30-98 surface mining buffer map
12-14-98 Full transcript of Oct. 9 ODMR Dysart Woods hearing
12-30-98 Dysart Defenders appeal of ODMR LUP decision
12-30-98 Press Release for Dysart Defenders 12-30-98 appeal
01-14-99 OU reneges on promise to protect Dysart Woods
01-25-99 OU POST article about Dysart Defenders appeal
01-25-99 OU POST editorial calls for protecting Dysart
02-05-99 Ohio Valley Coal Co. files motion to dismiss appeals
02-07-99 Attorney General says Dysart LUP allows longwall mining
02-17-99 Dysart Defenders motion to intervene into OVCC's appeal
02-17-99 Dysart Defenders response to OVCC's motion
02-17-99 Attorney General Feb. 16 Response to OVCC's motion
03-19-99 Dysart Woods update
03-31-99 Reclamation Commission dismisses OVCC motion
09-23-99 Dysart Defenders granted standing to appeal
12-28-99 Main LUP hearing delayed; Feb. 2 and Feb. 8 Dysart hearings