January 29, 1998

Contact: Environmentalist Chad Kister: 614-594-7287 or chad@pageville.com
Chris Crews, OU Campus Greens: 614-662-4029 or shaman2b@frognet.net

Student Senate to ask for OU Dysart hearing

 Student Senate will hear a motion at this evenings meeting at 7
p.m. in the Corner Room of Baker Center, requesting that Ohio University
hold a public hearing for Dysart Woods.

 More than a dozen campus organizations requested that OU have a
public hearing on Dysart Woods, giving OU until Friday to respond.

 Permit seven would disrupt the watershed that supports Dysart
Woods, and should be stopped, OU said up until the last few months.

 Though the science is unchanged, lately OU reversed its position,
saying it would be too difficult to stop permit 7.  "This political
backsliding may well spell the demise of one of our last ancient forests,
unless citizens act," said Environmentalist Chad Kister.  "The least OU
could do is hold a public hearing on this clearly important issue."

 Kister was voted the "Best media figure" of Athens in today's
Athens News, as well as being voted the "Best Leading Citizen of Athens"
in Monday's edition.