December 3, 1997

John Burns
Pilcher House
Ohio University


 I am writing to remind you that you said the Land Unsuitable for
Mining Petition was going to be done within a month back in June.  You
said it would be done ASAP in July.  Where is it?  Why did the Buckeye
Forest Council, which operates on a shoestring budget, complete a LUMP
before OU when BFC started after OU?  The minor revisions have been
completed by the BFC.

 I would like to see all of the correspondence to and from the OU
administration about Dysart Woods, including all letters, emails, faxes,
notes and all other communications and including Robert Glidden, Gary
North, Alan Geiger, John Kotowski, John Burns and Ted Kohan.  I would also
like to see all documentation about the correspondence between the Penn
State professor, Parazek (sp?).  I would like the name, address and phone
number of Parazek and I would like how much money he has received from
Ohio Valley Coal Co.

 Further, I request that you not compromise on the watershed buffer
zone established by the Buckeye Forest Council in the university's LUMP.
This buffer zone has a long history of political and scientific support
from the Ohio Government and Ohio University Scientists.  You yourself
have called for this buffer zone in letters and media quotes.  Further, OU
consulted lawyer David Northrop submitted comments July 9 and testified
Aug. 4 that this buffer zone needs to be protected.

For Dysart Woods,

Chad Kister