Ohio University and Dysart Woods

08-05-97 Ohio University speaks against mine threatening ancient forest
09-24-97 Student Senate to hear motion for Dysart Wood's protection
10-19-97 Faculty Senate passes motion for Dysart Woods
10-24-97 Graduate Senate to hear Dysart motion Sunday
10-25-97 Coal Company threatens to sue Dysart activist
10-26-97 Graduate Senate opposes mining near Dysart
10-26-97 Graduate Senate opposes mining near Dysart (part 2)
10-30-97 Student Senate calls for OU opposition to permit 7
12-03-07 Letter to John Burns
12-10-97 Activists to speak at OU Trustee meeting Friday
1-22-98 OU President Glidden to be grilled about Dysart
1-29-98 Student Senate to ask for OU Dysart hearing
1-30-98 Student Senate asks OU for Dysart hearing
4-14-98 Ohio University cuts Dysart Woods buffer zone 9-12 times
4-15-98 Students to protest OU's massive compromise of Dysart Woods
4-17-98 Statement to the Board of Trustees
5-19-98 OU Ecology Commmittee to meet about Dysart Woods
11-12-98 OU Student Senate endorses Nov. 16 rally for Dysart Woods
11-19-98 More than 75 rally for Dysart: POST story by Renee Knight
12-11-98 Dysart Defender acts at OU Trustee meeting Dec. 11
12-11-98 OU Police make first Dysart arrest in 40-year struggle
01-14-99 OU reneges on promise to protect Dysart Woods
1-25-99 OU POST article about Dysart Defenders appeal
1-25-99 OU POST editorial calls for protecting Dysart