January 22, 1998

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OU President Glidden to be grilled about Dysart

 Ohio University President Robert Glidden will speak at the Sunday,
Jan. 25 Graduate Student Senate Meeting, where Environmental Studies
Senator Chad Kister will question him about OU's slack efforts to protect
Dysart Woods.

 Ohio University is working on getting its Lands Unsuitable for
Mining Petition done.  But the university is considering compromising the
watershed buffer zone that OU has been asking be protected for 25 years,
and that scientists adamantly request be protected.

 "OU needs to use the valuable time we have left to ensure the
protection of the full watershed buffer zone that OU scientists have
repeatedly asked be protected from proposed longwall coal mining by Ohio
Valley Coal Co.," Kister said.  "Compromising now is purely political and
lacks the solid justification that defends the full watershed buffer zone
delineated by OU's top hydrology and geology professors."

 "President Glidden needs to protect the full watershed buffer zone
of Dysart Woods in the upcoming OU Lands Unsuitable for Mining Petition,"
Kister said.  "Now is not the time to compromise on more than 25 years of
commitment to protect the watershed of one of our last ancient forests.
OU is clearly not doing enough, and their closed-door politics are the
antithesis of democracy.  The university had been meeting openly to
discuss its Dysart plans.  Lately, though, the decisions have been behind
closed doors."

 Kister continued, "Once Ohio Valley Coal Company completes its
revisions, the ODMR may try to approve Permit 7 fast.  More citizens need
to get involved to ensure our government leaders don't permit the
destruction of one of our last ancient forests.  The coal shafts are
exploding closer every day.  Where they stop, nobody knows.  The question
is, will you be on the side of those who defended the forest, or among
those who did not act?"