October 11, 1997

Contact: Chad Kister, OU Graduate Student: 614-594-7287
or Jennifer Ritzmann, OU Campus Greens treasurer: 614-597-6844

Movement to save Dysart Woods escalates

 The Ohio University Campus Greens will stage a rally on OU's
campus, a press conference/demonstration in Columbus and a forum of OU
faculty in a frenzy of activity to save Dysart Woods.  The actions are in
protest of the passage of Ohio Valley Coal Co.'s Permit #6 to mine within
a mile and a half of Dysart Woods, and demanding that permit #7 be denied.

 This Tuesday, The OU Campus Greens will stage a rally from noon to
one at the West Portico of Memorial Auditorium on OU's College Green to
support OU's committed opposition to permit #7 that would undermine the
watershed of Dysart Woods.

 The rally will also protest the passage of the #6 mine that will
harm Dysart Woods.  But OU is not appealing the destructive six permit,
and is doing little to stop permit #7.  Rally speakers include OU
professors, administrators and Campus Greens members.

 At 10 a.m., Wednesday, at the Ohio Division of Mines and
Reclamation's headquarters in Columbus, The OU Campus Greens and the Ohio
State University Student Environmental Action Coalition will hold a press
conference/demonstration to protest the passage of the #6 mine and demand
that permit 7 be denied.

 At 7 p.m., October 22 in Morton Hall Room 235 on OU's campus,
Geography Professor Ted Bernard, Plant Biology Professor Irwin Ungar and
Associate Plant Biology Professor Brian McCarthy will speak about Dysart
Woods and answer questions from the audience.

 The Ohio Division of Mines and Reclamations acted recklessly and
illegally in granting the #6 permit before conducting a geological study
to determine its impacts on Dysart Woods.

 "The ODMR's rubber stamp of Ohio Valley Coal's permit six was
politically streamlined with thousands of dollars of campaign
contributions and personal private air service by Ohio Valley Coal Company
to Governor Voinovich," Environmental Activist Chad Kister said.

 "More than 5,000 citizens have signed petitions and more than a
thousand citizens have written letters to the ODMR opposing permits #6 and
#7.  Nobody has written a letter in favor of either permit, according to
Bill Stirling of the ODMR.  It is time the citizens rise up and demand
that democracy prevail."