May 22, 1998

March for the ancients nears

 More than a dozen people have now committed to walking the full 70
miles from Athens to Columbus and dozens of people will be joining
portions of the walk.  This is destined to be a successful event -- the
media attention already garnered has helped to keep the issue alive.

 Please bring a sleeping bag and a ten of you have one (we have
extra space if you don't).  The support vehicles can carry them so you
won't need to backpack with them.  We will be camping in Dorr Run in the
Wayne National Forest Saturday evening (take Dorr Run exit and follow the
road until you see cars plastered with environmental bumper stickers.)
The shelter house at Hocking College is reserved as a rain location.  Two
Nelsonville citizens have opened their doors for people wanting to take

 March for the Ancients will reach Lancaster Sunday May 24.  Near
lancaster we will stay at camp Wyandot in two cabins on the scenic lake.
The camp is located on the ultra-scenic clear creek.  Showers, free
canoeing and swimming in either the lake or a swimming pool is available.
The camp will provide all-you-can eat dinner and breakfst Sunday evening
and Monday morning.

 Monday evening we will reach South Columbus and will stay at Three
Rivers Park.  Three Rivers is near Route 33 and 317.  It is  a spectacular
spot where three rivers come together.  There are a few ancient trees
we'll camp near.

 Contact Chad Kister for more information.  You can leave a
detailed message on my voice mail (740-594-7287) which I will check during
the walk (but I won't be able to check my email after Saturday 9 a.m.)
The Lancaster coordinator is Marcia Rose:  740-653-6915.  OSU SEAC member
Chris Sheffield (614-291-2064 or is co-coordinating
the Columbus portion of the walk.

 We will be walking along Route 33, so it should be easy for people
to join portions of the walk.  In addition we have two cellular phones and
support vehicles.  So if you want to park and walk with the group for just
a short while, we can bring you back to their car.