October 19, 1997

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Faculty Senate passes motion for Dysart Woods

        More than 97 percent of Faculty Senate members voted to suspend
their rules and pass a motion to protect Dysart Woods from a pending
permit by Ohio Valley Coal Co. to mine under the forests' watershed at
their quarterly meeting October 20, 1997.

        Faculty Senate Chair Loius Wright introduced the motion on behalf
of the Executive Committee.  "Ohio University owns Dysart Woods," Wright
said.  "Unfortunately, in Ohio you may own the land but not the mineral
rights.  And in this case the mineral rights are owned by a coal company.
Part of the land is virgin forest, that as far as we know has never been
logged.  Faculty, students and scientists from all over use the
laboratory.  Therefore we would like to resolve that Faculty Senate oppose
mining beneath the watershed or beneath the forest itself."

        "We do intend to save Dysart Woods," said Ohio University
President Robert Glidden at the meeting.  "I do support the motion.  At
some point we will have to decide how much we want to save Dysart Woods.
Some time in the future we may be coming to you for money for litigation."

        The motion reads,
 Whereas Dysart Woods is a critical biological resource for Ohio
University used for both instruction and research by faculty and students

 Whereas Dysart Woods is among the oldest forests left in Ohio with trees
more than 400 years old

 Whereas Ohio has lost more than 99.99 percent of its original ancient

 Whereas Ohio University owns the 455 acre Dysart Woods property including
55 acres of virgin forest

        Therefore, let it be resolved that Faculty Senate opposes any
proposal to mine beneath the watershed of Dysart Woods and that it most
vigorously opposes any future proposal to mine benath the forest itself.
As a consequence of this resolution:

 The Faculty Senate requests that the Ohio University Administration
oppose Ohio Valley Coal Company attempts to mine beneath the watershed, as
well as any future application to mine beneath Dysart Woods.

 The Faculty Senate requests that Ohio University file a Land Unsuitable
for Mining Petition to protect Dysart Woods."

        "They are encroaching the watershed already.  So I think this
motion is timely," said Wright.  "And I think it might help President
Glidden and the university administration in defending the Dysart Woods