November 6, 1997

Contact: OU Graduate Student Chad Kister: 614-594-7287 or

Citizens from around Ohio to rally Saturday for Dysart

 The Ohio Sierra Club, the Buckeye Forest Council and other
statewide environmental groups will rally to Save Dysart Woods at 3 p.m.
Saturday, Nov. 8 at the Ohio Division of Mines and Reclamations
Headquarters, Fountain Square Court Building H.

 Speakers include Dysart Woods caretaker Mitch Bartels, Sierra Club
Projects Coordinator Marc Conte, Environmental Awareness Commission Jeff
Baran of Student Senate and Buckeye Forest Council President Jason

 This may be the last chance citizens have to stop permit #7 that
threatens the watershed of Dysart Woods.

 "We have a huge showing of support from Faculty Senate to Student
Senate to the Farm Bureau demanding that Dysart Woods be saved from
mining," said Environmental Activist Chad Kister, one of the rally
organizers.  "We need more people standing up for the ancient trees of
Dysart woods if they are to be saved."

 Citizens can contact Jason Tockman at the Buckeye Forest Council
at (614) 594-6400 or Chad Kister at (614) 594-7287.  Note: our area code
will soon be changing to (740).

 To get to the ODMR, take I-71 to the Morse Rd. exit in north
Columbus.  Turn right just past Northland Shopping Center at ODNR sign,
Fountain Square.  Road turns 90 degrees, go to farthest building (H)
(somewhat under construction).

 Media are encouraged to let citizens know about this issue
Thursday or Friday if possible to allow them the chance to get to what
will likely be a massive rally.  Also, coverage of this major issue of
national and international significance is most encouraged.

 "We can be sure that the coal company will be lobbying to mine for
their greed.  It is the common citizen that owns Dysart Woods, some of the
last ancient forest left in Ohio with trees more than 400 years old.  Must
Dysart Woods be lost in the tragedy of the commons?" Kister said.