Ohio Valley Coal Company's coal dump
just upstream of endangered species
(In chronological order)        click here to see valley fill photos
5-5-99 Ohio EPA sends violation notice to OVCC
5-23-99 ODMR issues violation to OVCC
9-2-99 Transcript of May EPA hearing about OVCC valley fill
10-23-99 OhioEPA agrees to second Dysart public hearing
11-15-99 Ohio EPA requests citizen comment on OVCC dump
12-16-99 Ohio EPA responds to questions about OVCC dump with lies
2-11-00 Ohio EPA internal email shows "obvious problems" with OVCC study
2-12-00 Email from DNR about endangered species, EPA impact report
2-12-00 Comment deadline extended to Feb. 18 for OVCC valley fill
2-13-00 Harvey Wasserman's letter to the Ohio EPA
2-24-00 100 percent of emailed comments opposed OVCC valley fill permits
6-15-00 Ohio EPA passes three OVCC Valley Fill permits
7-09-00 Dysart Defenders Appeals ODMR Valley Fill Permit
8-22-00 ODMR Report reveals OVCC violates buffer zone, yet is not fined
9-03-00 Second ODMR report reveals further violations by OVCC

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