OVCC's Permit 9 would mine under Dysart Woods!

10-19-97 Faculty Senate passes motion for Dysart Woods
10-28-98 ODMR said Dysart watershed must be protected in 1988
11-12-98 OU Student Senate endorses Nov. 16 rally for Dysart Woods
11-19-98 More than 75 rally for Dysart: POST story by Renee Knight
11-30-98 ODMR cuts Dysart buffer 7 times, allows mining under Dysart!
12-02-98 Dysart Defenders statement about ODMR decision
12-13-98 ODMR photos of room and pillar mining destrucion
12-30-98 Dysart Defenders appeal of ODMR LUP decision
1-06-99 Ohio Valley Coal Co. applied to mine under Dysart!
1-12-99 Email OU President Glidden to Save Dysart Woods
1-25-99 OU POST editorial calls for protecting Dysart
3-19-99 Dysart Woods update
7-14-99 ODMR admits perimt 9 is under Old Growth Forest
7-31-99 Petitions to be submitted Monday to stop permit 9
8-14-99 Map of old growth forest to south boundary of Dysart Woods
10-6-99 Ohio Valley Coal Co. puts permit 9 on hold

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