March for the Ancients 1999 photos
Steps toward the defense of Dysart Woods
updated February 12, 2000
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About a mile from Dysart Woods
(photo by Floyd Simpson)

Nearing Flody Simpson's historic farm
(photo by Floyd Simpson)

Walkers at Simpson's farm
(photo by Floyd Simpson)

Lunch on Rt. 147, 5 miles from Dysart Woods

Lunch June 15, 5 miles from Dysart Woods

Walker Dina Rudick talks with OVCC miner

Farmer and dog Tops who let walkers camp at his farm June 15

Walkers reach camp site June 15

Walkers in New Concord with Muskingum College Professor June 17

Walkers at camping spot June 17

Camping spot June 17

Rt. 40 closed for bridge repair, walkers go through

Walkers by "closed" bridge

Walkers along Rt. 40

Lunch stop with Eagle defender June 18

Walking Rt. 40 June 18

Walking along Rt. 40

Sheriff watches walk June 19

Sunset at camp near Jacksontown June 19

Sunset June 19

Walking up Broad St.

Approaching the statehouse

Just blocks away...

Resting on the 26-mile day June 20
photo by Kevin R. Wexler

Justin Goodwin speaking at the Statehouse
Photo by Kevin R. Wexler

Chad Kister speaking at Statehouse
Photo by Kevin R. Wexler

Dina Rudick and Chad Kister unfurl Dysart Woods petition at Statehouse
Photo by Kevin R. Wexler

Walkers at Statehouse

Chad Kister speaking at Stathouse

Dysart Woods petition

At the Statehouse